The WormGUIDES team has created a governance mechanism that allows us to identify the changing needs of the neuroscience and embryology communities, prioritize them and integrate them, when appropriate, into our ongoing efforts.  We have created an Advisory Board, which consists of leaders in the field with a wealth of knowledge in systems-levels approaches in neurodevelopment.

  • Cornelia Bargmann, Rockefeller University, President, CZI Science
    Dr. Bargmann is a leader in studying C. elegans neural development and behavior. A Member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, she received the 2012 Kavli Award in Neuroscience.
  • Martin Chalfie, Columbia University
    Dr. Chalfie is a pioneer in C. elegans neurobiology, in particular in mechanosensing. A Member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, he received a 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for adapting GFP to live neuroimaging.
  • David Hall,  Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Dr. Hall is the PI of the  WormAtlas resource.  He has helped shape the way in which anatomy-related information is shared in the C. elegans community.
  • Oliver Hobert,  Columbia University, HHMI
    Dr. Hobert is a leader in C. elegans neural development, in particular the specification of individual neuronal identity.
  • John White, FRS, University of Wisconsin (Emeritus)
    Dr. White led the pioneering effort to reconstruct the wiring diagram of the C. elegans nervous system. He also invented the laser cell ablation technique and created the first practical confocal microscope.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London.
  • Rafael Yuste,  Columbia University
    Dr. Yuste is a leader in live mammalian neuroimaging and analysis of cortical microcircuitry.