Click here to experience CytoSHOW, the informatic interface used to map the adult nerve ring, linking its features to the cell-lineage and genome.

Java must be installed on your computer, and must be up-to-date.


Mining the rich data history of C. elegans neuroanatomy

The WormGUIDES team is working to connect the developmental history of cells in the embryo with the final working assembly of parts in the nervous system.

Our ability to make these connections hinges in part upon our development of new imaging (diSPIM & iSIM) and image analysis (StarryNite & Untwisting) technologies for live embryos. However, it will also require a more comprehensive understanding of the mature ultrastructure of the nervous system, more than the previously published analyses of the nematode’s neuroanatomy currently afford us. We have therefore completed our first draft of an EM-based digital model of the most complex neuroanatomical region in the worm, the adult nerve ring. And we have deployed a novel system to share the model and underlying data on the web, linking each cell to crucial information about its function, gene expression profile, and network of synapses and cell-cell interactions.