Entries by A Santella

WormGUIDES Board Meeting May 2018

The WormGUIDES advisory board met on May 18th 2018 at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center along with PIs graduate students and postdocs to discuss the new WormGUIDES atlas release and other updates. Thanks to all the board members for their valuable feedback.  

Publication of ShootingStar

Optical manipulation of single cells in complex tissue based on real time cell tracking. Shah PK, Santella A, Jacobo A, Siletti K, Hudspeth AJ, Bao Z. (2017). “An in toto approach to dissecting cellular interactions in complex tissues”, Dev Cell, 43, 530-40.    

Worm Art Show 2017

WormGUIDES team member Anthony Santella claimed a prize in the 2017 Worm art show at the 2017 International C. elegans meeting for his nesting dolls of key figures in worm lineaging.

Publication on the Mechanism of VNC Assembly

Publication by Shah et al (Dev Cell, 41, 195-203 ) revealed that convergent extension underlies the assembly of the ventral nerve cord, and a novel function of SAX-3/Robo in neural morphogenesis to regulate cell intercalation in parallel to the PCP pathway.  See also commentary by Martha Soto.